After celebrating Christmas, North Texans now taking part in the gift return season

The day after Christmas means it’s the start of gift return season.

In a recent survey of about 15,000 Americans, many admitted a lot of the gifts others worked so hard to buy are going right back to the store.

There was quite a lot of gift exchanges and returns the day after Christmas.

"I just needed to exchange sizes on a pair of boots," Diane Clair said.

"Teenage shopping is hard,” Melissa Hill said. "All the clothes I bought for my girls they want to return, so they're walking around looking for what they want and I'm taking back what they didn't."

According to the online retail research group, Oracle, 77 percent of consumers this year expect to return some of their gifts. Nearly 20 percent believe they'll return more than half.

The number of shoppers at the Galleria Dallas on Thursday was further proof that the perfect gift isn’t always perfect, even if you bought it for yourself.

"I actually bought a large swimsuit that was on sale, but it was a large for children,” Dennis Wren  said. “Until I tried to put it on, I didn't realize it, so I'm going to have to bring that back to Macy's."

Skyler Jones said he's a great gift giver. No one returns what he buys them.

[REPORTER: “You make sure the person is going to like it?"] “Yeah,” Jones replied.

[REPORTER: "Are you one of those people who just goes, ‘hey what do you want?’"] “Yeah," Jones said.

"We were here Monday and did some pre-Christmas shopping, took advantage of some sales,” Jeff Gage said. “Now we have to bring some stuff back. It's nice to come here and have a family outing after the holiday."

Or maybe you can bond with a fellow shopper about people you know who are very likely to exchange their gifts.