$450,000 deal being finalized to clean up 'shingle mountain' in Dallas

The city of Dallas is finalizing a deal to clean up the eyesore known as “shingle mountain.”

The city manager accepted a company's bid of $450,000 to clean up the massive debris pile and haul away the shingles from the location in Southeast Dallas.

“This is a win for southern Dallas, environmental justice, and reaffirms our commitment to protecting the environment,” Dallas City Councilman Tennell Atkins said in a statement.

Nine companies bid on the project to clean up the property in the 9500 block of S. Central Expressway.

The city council must now approve the deal, and Atkins said he hopes it passes unanimously on October 13.

Earlier this month, Omar Narvaez, the chair of the Environment and Sustainability Commmittee for the city of Dallas, said “the cleanup will be conducted and documented in a manner to ensure that all costs incurred will be recovered to the maximum extent possible from the responsible parties in the pending litigation, thereby conserving public resources and promoting accountability.”

It’s not yet known when work will begin once the project is approved.