30,000 pounds of uneaten food from Super Bowl LIV donated to Florida food banks

Thousands and thousands of pounds of food was left unused following the big game between the Kansas City Chief and the San Francisco 49ers, but it all went to a good cause.

ESPN reports that Food Rescue US, Centerplate and NFL Green did not allow the 30,000 pounds of uneaten food go to waste. Volunteers will ship the food from Hard Rock Stadium to five food shelters in South Florida: Miami Rescue Mission, Broward Outreach Center, Broward Partnership for the Homeless, Lotus House Shelter and Camillus House.

The hauling and donating of the food began Monday and is scheduled to continue through Thursday, according to ESPN.

“The food collected includes beef tenderloins, barbecue chicken, wings, ribs and charcuterie plates from VIP catered sections, concession stands and suites, among other places,” ESPN reports.

It is expected to feed 20,000 people.