300 North Texas families receive gas, groceries & baby formula at distribution event

If you think the problems people were facing during the pandemic were over, think again.

For some, it's still hard to find work. For all, it's what folks can and can't afford because of rising prices at the gas station and the grocery store.

Cesta Ayers-Young was in tears for the help she and hundreds of others are getting at the Center Table Donation event at Mark Cuban Heroes Basketball Center.

"I don't get stamps or anything. It’s just really stressful just trying to make sure that we survive," she said.

The need was clear by the continuous car convoy

"I guess gas prices might be one of the key reasons. Also, people might be readjusting to life after we had a very unique situation in all of our lives," said Mark Cuban Heroes Basketball Center CEO Trina Terrell-Andrews. "And then we're closing school so we knew that we wanted to do this at a time when kids were getting out of school."

"It's really difficult cause the economy is really low you know. There's not working," said Noeli Carranza.

Meal boxes from the North Texas Food Bank are helping families make their money go a little farther.

It’s something Carranza worries about everyday.

"Yes I do because I have to take my kids to school. So I drive each day, so it's difficult," she said.

There was also fuel relief in $15 gas cards.

"They are so forever thankful, and it’s gonna come right on time," said Constable Tracey Gulley. "Couple of people have said, ‘Wow, you are definitely a blessing.’"

These are the tough decisions our neighbors like Ayers-Young are facing. Her daughter with two kids under age 2 needs formula for the babies.

"I keep cutting my car off. It’s either gas or food. What do you do?" she said.

Ayers-Young’s prayers were answered: Similac for the grandkids to go with the gas card and meal box.

"You never know what people are going through, and just for her to be able to have the courage to share that with us," Terrell-Andrews said. "It’s important for us to be here to say we are here to support you in any way."

Roughly 300 families were helped on Thursday. 

Terrell Andrews says they are planning another distribution event next month.