3 suspects charged, 1 killed in Denton shooting

Three men are now facing murder charges and one suspect is dead after struggling with a truck owner outside a Denton apartment complex.

Denton police said the fatal shooting happened back on May 25 in the 3200 block of Windsor Drive.

The owner of a pickup truck was sitting in an apartment complex parking lot when three armed men approached his vehicle and tried to force him out.

One of the suspects – 25-year-old River Williams – got into the passenger seat just as the owner began to drive away. The two men struggled, and both were shot.

Williams died from his injuries. The truck owner survived with only a gunshot wound to the leg.

Later that day, police arrested one of the suspects who had been with Williams during the attack.


Denton shooting: 1 killed, 1 injured in shooting at apartment complex

Denton police are investigating a shooting at an apartment complex that killed one man and injured another.

Riley Clowers, 24, was charged with murder because Williams died during the commission of an aggravated assault, police said.

This week, police announced the arrests of two additional murder suspects in the case.

Police said 34-year-old Zachary Lowe was the third person who approached the truck. Daniel Butureza, 31, is accused of trying to block the truck so that the owner couldn’t escape.

All three men are being held in the Denton County jail.