3 Fort Worth firefighters injured while battling house fire

Firefighters were forced to bust through second-story windows to get away from a fire they were battling in Fort Worth Monday afternoon.

Almost 24 hours later, one of three injured firefighters remains hospitalized.

The burned shell of the southside home was an inferno on Monday evening. Images captured what stunned some neighbors. 

"My sister called me and said, ‘Kenneth, you better get over here and see this,’" recalled neighbor Kenneth Spencer.         

Fire officials say one person who was inside the home made it out safely before the first crews arrived. But it was a different story for the crews who battled the massive blaze.

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"When crews arrived on scene, they had heavy fire coming through the second story of this home," said Craig Trojacek with the Fort Worth Fire Department. "At some point throughout the fire, they reported some type of drastic fire conditions that changed."

In the end, three firefighters were rushed to Parkland Hospital in Dallas. Officials say one fell through the compromised carport. Two others escaped from upper-level windows and managed to maneuver to the ground. 

"All three of them were transported to Parkland Hospital. Like I said, two were discharged to home and are recovering with family," Trojacek said. "We still have one of our brothers in the hospital trying to get better."

The department will not be specific about the firefighters’ injuries. They do point out each had at least 10 years of experience fighting fires.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.