2 children hospitalized after lightning strike in Fort Worth

2 children were sent to the hospital on Wednesday night after a lightning strike outside their far south Fort Worth home.

The children were playing in the front yard of their home on Iron Ridge Drive when a nearby tree that was hit by lightning during yesterday's storms.

The boys, whose ages have not been released, were close enough to the tree that they each suffered an electrical charge that knocked them to the ground.

Both were rushed to the hospital.

The boys were listed in critical condition because what the fire department called the "mechanism" of the injury.

One neighbor tells FOX 4 it hadn't even started to rain when the lightning strike occurred.


Hail pounds areas south and west of Dallas-Fort Worth Wednesday night

On Wednesday evening, a storm triggered several Tornado Warnings around Waco. Hail the size of a grapefruit was also reported.

The neighbor then ran to the boys until paramedics arrived.

"The whole neighborhood basically was out here the boys was laying on top of each other. They moved them off from on top of each other," said Phyllis "The ground was dark you could see where the lightning hit the ground. They were breathing, [it was a] few minutes, wasn't long before the ambulance showed up."

The boys' neighbor says as of last night they were awake, but in excruciating pain.