14-year-old driver kills mom in Corsicana wreck

A deadly crash on Easter Sunday killed a mother and injured two teens in Corsicana.

Police said a 14-year old driver of a white Volvo suddenly swerved into oncoming traffic striking vlunda Lewis' vehicle.

Lewis, 46, was on her way home Sunday after a brief trip to Corsicana. A witness driving behind her said it was clear Lewis never saw the impact coming until it was too late.

Lewis’ Ford Focus flipped and rolled several times. She was pronounced dead at the scene. Lewis' daughter says her family is in shock. They said the mom was a woman who was generous and had a giving spirit.

“She always had a good thing to say,” said daughter Chrystie Davis. “She'd always have a scripture or something to say... just postive... make a joke to perk them up."

Emergency responders had to cut free the teen driver and his 15-year-old passenger.

During a phone conversation between Davis and the driver she said the boy cried, apologized and said he wanted to meet Davis in person.

Davis told me because of the way she remembers her mom, she was able to tell the teenager she forgives him. She says it is what her mother would've wanted.

So far no charges are filed in the case, but the investigation is on-going.