11-year-old boy with autism wins 28th annual Dallas ISD MLK oratory competition

"What would Dr. King's vision be for America in 2020?”

That was the question posed to the finalists of the 28th annual Foley and Lardner MLK, Jr Oratory Competition.

The students had to research, write and deliver their speeches.

11-year-old Colin Harris is the winner of this year's competition. He's a fifth-grader at JP Starks.

“Dr. King would visualize a world where love would be the norm of the day. Where people would stop and lend a hand to someone in need. Where people would stop being in such a rush that they don't even take the time to stop and smile at another one of God's creations,” Colin said.

Jasmine Buschbacher says her son’s victory represents more than just hard work as a competitor.    

“In 2012 in June, Colin was diagnosed with autism. And when we moved to Texas in February 2012, he only knew five words, make six words and he had a very big speech delay.”

FOX 4’s Clarice Tinsley returned as the mc for the event. Every finalist got a book on Dr. King, a plaque, a backpack, a Kindle and a cash award.

Colin received $1,000. He'll be on Good Day Monday morning.