1 suspect arrested, 1 still at-large after 95-year-old robbed at gunpoint in Dallas

Dallas police have been able to arrest one of the two people accused of robbing a 95-year-old man at gunpoint inside his home, but are asking for the public to help find the other suspect.

The victim, Juan Flores, told police that 38-year-old Danielle Lozano knocked on his door on Hartsdale Dr., just before 5 p.m. on May 8.

The great-great-grandfather thought he was helping a woman in need, when he was suddenly attacked by her male accomplish, Hector Enriquez.

Flores says the woman told him her car overheated and she needed a glass of water. Seconds later, she forced her way inside, pushing Flores into the living room.

The man hiding around the corner quickly followed the woman inside, before pistol whipping Flores in the face.

"He took out a gun and hit me here," Flores said.

Flores' son, who lives in Louisiana, was stunned when he heard the news.

"I couldn't help him. I couldn't help him," Samuel Flores, Juan's son, said.

The robbers made off with $300 in cash. Flores suffered injuries to his face and neck.

“It makes me mad. You know, there's already enough ugliness in this world, but you pick on somebody like this whose more vulnerable,” Flores’ son added.

The home's front door security camera caught video of the two suspects.

The video was posted on Facebook, and police are crediting the number of tips they got with helping them identify the suspects.

Officers were then able to track down the woman involved and get a warrant for Enriquez.

Police are working to make sure they get these two off the streets.

“It's terrible for anyone. Everyone should feel safe in the city of Dallas. They should especially be safe in their home. For a 95-year-old man to be robbed in his home, that's just despicable,” Dallas PD Sgt. Bruce Chamberlain said.

His family is relieved Flores is okay, and happy one of the robbery suspects has been caught.

“He's got eight boys and four girls, and we don't take kindly to people like that,” Flores’ son said. “What we want is justice, [we want] that man caught.”

Flores said he hasn't been able to sleep ever since the attack. He also has plenty of family staying with him now.

Police are asking anyone with information about Enriquez to contact them immediately.