Start now with your back to school sleep routine

If you have school-aged kids, now is the time to start getting them ready for school. Wendy Middlemiss is an educational psychology associate professor at UNT. She talks about getting into a routine to help kids get ready for school.


1) Start now. Start getting up early and going to be earlier. Otherwise, it's hard to make the change.

2) Leave more time in the morning than you think is needed. It allows time to deal with unanticipated morning issues without getting stressed.

3) Have activities that help children to settle in, particularly the first night before school. It can be helpful to have gone through the first morning routine or activities already.

4) Ask your children questions about what they want to do to make it easier to get ready for school.

5) Find something that makes that first day easy and exciting like new clothes or new school material.