Save Me Steve: How to protest your property tax appraisal and win

There’s not much time left to appeal your property tax appraisal. If you believe your value is too high, you have until Wednesday to protest.

Consumer reporter sat down with Cheryl Jordan, the community relations officer at the Dallas Central Appraisal District, to get advice for homeowners. She said that while Wednesday is the deadline to protest, you will still have some time to build your case.

You will first need to provide your closing statement to show what you paid for your home. Then pull the comps. Look for houses in your neighborhood with similar features and upgrades that sold over the past year.

Highlight some of your home’s flaws. Take pictures of everything that is wrong with your home, from structural defects like foundation cracks to cosmetic issues. Provide estimates for how much it would cost to repair those problems.

Next, homeowners are entitled to examine the evidence compiled by appraisal districts. Request all the evidence. State law requires the district to release all relevant information, including the comps they plan on using, two weeks before your hearing.

And finally, if you don’t agree with the board’s decision following your protest, you can appeal again.