MidiCi's Nutella Calzone

Frankie Palmieri from MidiCi in West Village stops by Good Day to make a dessert calzone.

MidiCi's Nutella Calzone

Nutella, or any hazelnut spread
Mixed berries 
Powdered sugar 
Balsamic reduction 
Pizza dough or canned crescent roll dough  

Pull your dough ball form the tray and flatten the edges completely with 5 presses. Flatten the center with 3 presses. Ensure the dough is evenly distributed all around. 

After you've opened the dough, slap the calzone on your surface to get size. Check the size and adjust by slapping if needed. Your calzone should be at least 10 inches in diameter. 

Once your dough is ready, cut in to an 8x8 in. square. Add the hazelnut spread to the dough. Add the mixed berries on top of the spread. Fold over the dough, cut crescent shapes and twist ends together.

Bake for 450 degrees in the oven for 15-20 minutes. 

Heat up your balsamic reduction on a stove top for at least 35 minutes at a low temperature, constantly stirring.

Once the calzone is ready, top off with more mixed berries, hazelnut spread, powdered sugar and a balsamic reduction. 

LINK: www.mymidici.com