Campaign encourages people to drop off old prescription drugs

Grand Prairie police are reminding people to safely dispose of prescription medications they no longer need.

The Drug Enforcement Administration reports that 67 billion oxycodone and hydrocodone capsules were sold from 20016 to 2012.

Grand Prairie PD and dentist Monica Anderson have joined forces on the Drop the Drugs program. It's aimed at keeping those medication stockpiles from being harmful, especially to children and the environment.

"When we throw them in the trash, when we flush them down the drain, when we flush them down the toilet which we've all done for so many years, but now we recognize that those are not being removed by water treatment. So Drop the Drugs is a public education campaign. We're not recreating anything but we want everyone to know about the resources available," Dr. Anderson said.

Grand Prairie has already disposed of 37 boxes of medication weighing 920 pounds.

There are dozens of free medication drop-off points all over the Metroplex. To find one near you, visit