4 Crowley brothers all earn Eagle Scout rank

The pinnacle in scouting is earning the rank of Eagle Scout. And according to the Scouts of America, only four percent of all scouts reach that level of distinction. It's an honor for anyone. But there's one family in Crowley that really has something to brag about.

Each of Crystal South's four sons is an Eagle Scout. Shelton earned the rank in 2013. Garrett finished in 2016, Parker in 2018 and 16-year-old Brant just reached Eagle in January.

Crystal said she was initially attracted to scouting because she is a single mother and she wanted her boys to grow up with some male leadership. She wanted them to experience the outdoors and learn how to be good men.

But now that her sons don’t need her help as much she’s taking on a new role. She will be a Scoutmaster for an all-girls troop in the Longhorn Council.

“Scouting is a journey. It’s all in inspiring other youth to enjoy the outdoors and it’s a leadership program. I’m also an educator so everything I do is about kids and scouting just welcomed girls into the Boy Scouts of America and that’s referred to as the Scouts BSA program. And so yesterday was our second meeting with the girls and we are so excited about that,” she said.

The South family is not anywhere close to being done with the program. Brant has two more years with his troop and there are high adventure programs for them to participate in.