Dallas weather delays, cancels hundreds of flights at DFW and Love Field

The heavy rains that flooded parts of North Texas on Monday left thousands of travelers frustrated at DFW International Airport and Love Field.

Weather and a power outage impacting four American Airlines gates canceled more than 250 flights in and out of DFW on Monday and delayed more than 900 others, according to Flight Aware.

"We've been here for more than 24 hours since our flight got delayed 3 times already," said passenger Wilson Fernandez. "[We are] debating driving all the way to Nashville if we don't make this one."

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"We're all nurses. I work tomorrow, have clinicals tomorrow for Grad School, school started today. He works tomorrow, you have a lot of appointments," said Kindra Womack.

Professional gamer Mo Hamud and his friend Leo Lopez drove up from Waco after winning a gaming tournament. Weather delays caused them to miss their layover, but a stranger picked them up and drove them to Dallas to make the next leg of their flight.


"This guy, came out of nowhere said, I'll drive you," Lopez said. "Didn't accept any gas. Stopped for food, didn't accept any money for food. Stand up guy."

 American Airlines says it is waiting change fees for people facing weather-related delays.