Cold and wet weather in the forecast all week

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It will be rainy, windy and cold in North Texas over the next few days.

Strong north winds behind a cold front dropped the temperatures into the 40s on Monday. The wind chills stayed in the 30s all day.

The continues rain even caused the State Fair of Texas to shut down early Monday night at 8 p.m.

"The safety of fairgoers and employees is our number one priority," state fair officials said. "We will open regular hours tomorrow morning at 10 am."

More rain will only make conditions worse in areas that have already flooded. SKY 4 was over the Lynn Creek Marina in Grand Prairie where water from Joe Pool Lake flooded into the parking lots.

The water has cut off access to the restaurant and marina since Sunday. The water hasn’t started going back down yet.

One employee waded through the water on Monday. It only looked to be about knee deep, but most of the parking lot is underwater and barricades are up to keep people from driving into it.

Marina employees say they are closed until further notice. But despite the flooding, they have not seen any damage.

While there weren’t many people out at the marina on Monday, there were plenty of people outside at the State Fair despite the cold, rainy weather. They came prepared with ponchos, umbrellas, and a lot of layers to keep warm. They came ready to enjoy some fair food and games.

“It is freezing cold and pouring rain,” said visitor Hannah Ramsey. “We crazily decided to come to the fair today because we knew there wouldn’t be that many people and it’d be a great time to make some memories about the rainy fall we’ve had in Texas and eat some corn dogs and cotton candy together.”

Some fair vendors say this is one of the rainiest fair seasons in recent years.

The freshman football squad at Richardson Pearce was out shivering in the elements. Its varsity squad will do the same Tuesday morning as long as it's just rain and temperatures don't drop further.

"It really bares down to whether there's lightning in the area,” said Coach David Collins. “Because if it's just raining, we have to go out and prepare because Friday looks like we might be playing in this kind of weather."

If teams in North Texas hadn't played and practiced in the rain this season, they wouldn't have played much football.

"We've had multiple games delayed for weather already, lightning delays,” Collins said. “And this past Friday, we played the first quarter in a rainstorm."

Rainy, cold weather continues
As moisture overrides the colder air, another band of moderate to heavy rain will move in overnight and into Tuesday. That will again keep temperatures in the 40s all day. Expect those north winds to continue as well.

While this pattern won't break mid-week, there may be a let up in coverage Wednesday as drier air works into areas north and east. The rain is still in the forecast in the south and west, though. Temperatures should bounce a little into the 50s (even 60s to the north if we can get a little sun).

That will be short lived as the parent storm (in the desert SW) begins to open up. That will send another wave of rain into North Texas Thursday and Friday with temperatures staying well below the "normal" in the upper 70s. We’ll see 50s and low 60s.

By Saturday, the pattern will finally shift enough to push any morning rain to the south. That drier air should last through Sunday, although there are indications the pattern may shift back after that.