Texas To-Do List: Cruisin' Tikis

If you are looking for a way to spice up plans with your friends, how about having drinks on a floating tiki hut? 

On this week’s Texas To-Do List, we checked out Cruisin' Tikis at Lake Ray Hubbard. 

"Cruisin’ Tikis is a tiki hut boat. It’s an hour and a half, 90 minutes of fun, nice, relaxing, time out on the water," said Oscar Romero, co-owner of Cruisin' Tikis Lake Ray Hubbard.

This sunset cruise around Lake Ray Hubbard is perfect for so many occasions: birthdays, date nights, or just a fun night with friends. You will need to keep the guest list pretty small, however.

"On the cruise at one time, it's six guests. Each body in one seat counts as one person," said Romero.

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How private your cruise depends on what package you book.

"A private booking is where you have the tiki cruise to yourself, and no one else will be booking alongside with them," said Nannette Romero, co-owner of Cruisin' Tikis Lake Ray Hubbard.

"A public cruise will be combined with other groups," said Oscar Romero.

Sometimes it's more about the journey than the destination, but they will make sure that they keep the journey as scenic as possible.

"Weather sometimes dictates the direction we go. But I always try to get the best sunset view or the most gentle cruise, depending on the wind," said Nannette.

"Because sometimes there is a lot of boat traffic out there over by the harbor. Then we'll just stay on the side of the lake. This way, the waves of the other boats will not interfere with us and make it uncomfortable. We just want to make sure everybody gets a comfortable cruise," added Oscar.

While this may look like a floating bar, it's up to you to supply the drinks.

"We do not sell alcohol at all. Everything is just BYOB," Oscar Romero said.

Since Cruisin' Tikis does not serve liquor, you can make this cruise as family-friendly as you’d like. 

If you plan to bring your kids with you, they just ask that you inform the staff of the children’s ages before the day of the cruise so they can provide properly sized life jackets. 

"By law, anyone age 13 and under has to wear a life jacket the entire time they're on the boat. We provide life jackets, but no one is required to wear them above the age of 13," said Nannette.


They keep an eye on the weather leading up to your reservation, so you don't have to. Just keep your phone nearby in case cancelations are necessary.

"If the weather is deemed dangerous, so high winds that make it dangerous or lightning that makes it dangerous, we will provide a rain check. We will get you rescheduled and get you back out on your cruise. If it is just raining like a sprinkle, we will still go out in the rain. We have coverage," Nannette noted.

You can even turn your relaxing sunset cruise into a party within seconds.


Texas To-Do List: The Spelled Milk

Do you prefer to have your cereal at breakfast, dinner, or dessert? This next place on the Texas To-Do List has so many options, you could actually have a bowl at every meal -- the Spelled Milk, located in Dallas.

"We do have four kicker speakers on the boat that's mounted up in the roof, so you would just Bluetooth connect to that. You can play your own music, whatever you want. If you didn't bring a playlist, I can play whatever is requested," said Nannette.

"We do have lighting for the night cruises under the bar, which really sets the nighttime mood," added Oscar. 

If you would like to hop on the Cruisin' Tiki go to cruisintikislakerayhubbard.com or visit the Sapphire Bay Marina.

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