Mark Davis

Opening arguments are underway for President Trump's impeachment trial. Radio host Mark Davis shares his opinion on the trial and mounting concerns over the coronavirus.

Mark Davis: Trump impeachment hearings, DACA

President Trump said he did not watch a second of the impeachment hearings but many Americans did. Radio host Mark Davis shares his thoughts on both the hearings and the Supreme Court's arguments over the DACA program.

Mark Davis: Joshua Brown shooting and Syria

Radio host Mark Davis shares his thoughts on a high-profile shooting that was not at all what some activists made it out to be and the U.S. pulling out of Syria and abandoning the Kurds.

Mark Davis: Gun control, immigration and Uber in Dallas

Are current background checks good enough or not? It seems to depend on which day you ask the president. Radio host Mark Davis is also weighing in. He also shares his opinion on detaining immigrants and an Uber hub in Dallas.

Mark Davis: Trump in El Paso & Dallas sick leave

The state is joining a lawsuit challenging a new city of Dallas law that requires private employers to provide paid sick time. Is the law a good idea or not? Radio host Mark Davis joins Good Day to share his opinions on that and more.

Mark Davis: Mueller hearing & an immigration ruling

Former special counsel Robert Mueller faced tough questions from lawmakers about his Russia investigation but no bombshells were revealed. Radio host Mark Davis weighs in on that and a state immigration ruling.

Mark Davis: Catholic diocese raid, Alabama abortions

The toughest abortion law in the country is on the books in Alabama with the express intent of bringing the issue back before the U.S. Supreme Court. Conservative commentator Mark Davis weighs in on that and an investigation into priests accused of child sex abuse in Dallas.

Mark Davis: Plano bartender arrest, Trump's taxes

The showdown between House Democrats and the Trump Administration gets more heated by the day. The nation's top law enforcement officer could be held in contempt of Congress. Radio host Mark Davis weighs in on that and more. Should a Plano bartender be held responsible for a mass shooting? And what about tax records showing the president lost $1B in 10 years?