Fans from far and wide make trek to Arlington to cheer on USMNT

47,873 fans made the trip to Arlington to take in the U.S. Men's National Team's first game of this year's Copa America.

Whether the fans were cheering for Bolivia or the USA, the atmosphere, energy and passion was felt inside AT&T Stadium.

Brian Sullivan brought his sons and niece to the game.

"They’re all big soccer players, and they all love the sport," said Sullivan. "So it’s an exciting day."

AT&T Stadium is one of several U.S. tournament venues for Copa America, the third-most watched soccer tournament in the world.

"Soccer is a universal language, anywhere you go, you don’t have to speak the language, you just play. To see the U.S. coming up to that level is really awesome," said Daniela Gutierrez, a Bolivian native who immigrated to the U.S. when she was just 10 years old.


AT&T Stadium shows off grow lights for real grass at Copa America

AT&T Stadium is making the switch from turf to real grass for Copa America games.

Gutierrez made the trip to cheer for both teams.

"Oh my gosh, it’s so special, and it’s supposed to be an amazing stadium. I mean, everything about it is special right now," she said.

The Washington family from Alabama feels the same way.

They are excited to celebrate their Bolivian heritage, while also rooting for the red, white and blue.

"Exactly! We’re going to be celebrating either way," said Milenka Washington.


The USMNT came out on top in the group stage match, beating Bolivia 2-0.

"The game was awesome! The first time I’ve ever been to an international soccer game, I’ve never been to a game before but I will be back," said U.S. fan Ike Barnes.

Even Bolivia fans couldn't help but applaud the U.S. team's win. 

"It was beautiful because I was torn, right? I was born in Bolivia, and now I’m here, a US citizen. It was good to see USA up 2-0, but it was good to see our Bolivia brothers and sisters chanting," said Omar Salas, who flew in from Minnesota for the game.

The players on the field say they could also feel the energy from the fans.

US midfielder Weston McKennie grew up in Little Elm and was a part of FC Dallas' youth program.

After the game, the Juventus player said he was proud of the crowd.

"I'm proud of my hometown. Dallas really showed out tonight," McKennie said. "It's always good to be home and playing in front of friends and family."

This is all a preview of what's to come in 2026 when Arlington hosts nine matches during the FIFA World Cup.

"It’s really the fun part of soccer, is that all these different people from different parts of the world come together with their cultures and different teams and spirit. And it’s a whole different environment than is the NFL," said Sullivan. 

AT&T Stadium will host the quarterfinal match of the Copa American tournament on July 5.

The USMNT moves on to play Panama this Thursday in the next round of the group stage.