Kyrie Irving traded to the Dallas Mavericks: The best social media reactions to the trade

The Dallas Mavericks completed a blockbuster trade for superstar point guard Kyrie Irving on Sunday.

There are few NBA players that draw a reaction quite like Kyrie and people were not afraid to share theirs online.

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Former Mavericks guard Spencer Dinwiddie was part of the trade, and shared his reaction as the news broke that he was headed back to Brookyln.

Dinwiddie shouted out NBA news-breaker Shams Charania and said his son Elijah was excited to return to New York.

He also gave a shout-out to Mavericks fans.

Kyrie also gave a shout out to Nets fans.

Plenty of fans also weighed in on the trade.

There were tons of fans excited about the upgrade to get Luka Doncic a second star.

Mavs fan Patrick Mahomes also weighed in.

Some joked about the fit between Luka and Kyrie.

The Ticket host Mark Elfenbein shared a photo of the New York Daily News sports page with the headline "He's Your Headache Now."

Others brought up Irving's knack for making controversial posts on social media.

Several users hopped on Twitter to poke fun about Kyrie living in Dallas.

Others rushed to make jokes about Kyrie getting to the bottom of the JFK assassination.

 Others were quick to point out all the teams that Kyrie has left in recent years.

Many NBA fans assumed that Kyrie Irving was heading to the Lakers for a reunion with LeBron James.

LeBron himself weighed in with a cryptic tweet shortly after the trade was announced.

NBA fans had a good laugh about what the Lakers are going to do now.

Irving is expected to arrive in Dallas on Monday for a physical and make his debut for the Mavs on Wednesday night.