DeSoto, Duncanville basketball programs put on UIL probation after brawl

The DeSoto and Duncanville High School basketball programs will be probation for two years after a brawl that broke out at the end of a game one week ago.

A University Interscholastic League board announced its decision at the end of a hearing in the Austin-area on Tuesday.

The UIL probation will be on top of punishments already doled out by districts. Both head basketball coaches will also be put on probation.

The UIL panel looked at four separate videos from last Tuesday night and determined the fight started when a Duncanville player used his shoulder to aggressively run into a DeSoto player.

Both coaches appeared before the panel to speak, but it was a comment by Duncanville Coach Corey Chism that touched off a heated exchange with a panel member.

“It wasn’t as bad as it’s being portrayed,” the coach said.

I don’t know if you watched the same video that I watched,” the panel member said. “A disaster. That’s something that I would not want to be a part of as an administrator in a particular school to see that type of behavior from an athletic team. Period.”

Duncanville ultimately decided to play it's two regular season games. Duncanville ISD says it's punished those involved, but didn't release details on what the punishment was.

Stacey Taylor says her son, who plays on the Duncanville basketball varsity team, was off to the side and not involved in the brawl last week. She's satisfied with the punishment handed down by the UIL.

"I think equal punishment is fair because I was there, and I turned my head for one second and they started fighting,” she said.

Other Duncanville parents also said they believe the punishment was fair.

"Everybody doesn't know both sides. Some people saw what they wanted to see, and others saw what they wanted to see,” said parent Lorrie Garcia. “So yes, I think it was fair."

DeSoto ISD decided to forfeit its last two regular-season games and says two of its players were suspended. Another student was thrown out of the program entirely. Police have said if they will not file criminal charges.

"Whenever you're on probation, you are under a microscope,” said UIL Chairman Mike Motheral. “And if there are missteps in your program, then you end up back down here in front of the committees. The consequences are going to be much more stern."

Both teams will be allowed to participate in this year’s playoffs.