Should the Dallas Mavericks keep or trade their 10th pick in the NBA Draft?

The Dallas Mavericks are weighing their options ahead of Thursday’s NBA Draft as they try to rebuild for another championship run. 

Dallas has the 10th overall pick in the draft. 

The Mavs missed the playoffs after making a big trade to acquire all-star guard Kyrie Irving last season. 

He's now a free agent and may not return to Dallas.

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Some analysts say the best strategy for the Mavs may be to skip the draft and use the pick to add a player with more experience.

"I think they should trade the pick. Luka's development has really accelerated the timeline for this team and I don't know that, even a player as high as 10, you're going to get somebody who can make a difference right away. That's going to take a few years for that to take effect," Brian Dameris said. "Another option is they move down in the draft, get another player they, like if somebody doesn't fall to them where they want at number 10. So, they want to trade the pick, but they are not going to give it away. It's going to depend on who is there when they are picking"

The Mavs only have one selection in this year's draft. 

NBA teams can begin negotiating with free agents on June 30.