Cowboys, Saints fans enjoy Rally Day at AT&T Stadium

The Dallas Cowboys are gearing up for a big matchup tonight against the New Orleans Saints. And the fans are even more excited.

Both Cowboys and Saints fans converged on AT&T Stadium on Wednesday for a Rally Day. They got a chance to play on the field, as well as meet Cowboys legends and current cheerleaders.

One fan from Europe even took the opportunity to propose in the world's most iconic football stadium, right on the Cowboys star.

“We are a long way from home, from Germany, maybe the last time we come here. So took a chance, she said yes, I’m happy,” said Oliver Miseljic.

Two men at the event grew up childhood friends in New Orleans. One now roots for the Cowboys and the other for the Saints.

“Remember 2009, the Saints were undefeated and the Cowboys came to town and we won? The same can happen this year we will dethrone the Saints,” said Corey Green.

No surprise, Green’s friend feels differently.

“I know Drew has a certain something. We don’t speak things into existence. We play game by game. We want that Super Bowl. We need it,” said Benjamin Poole.

Another group of fans came all the way from New Zealand. They have split loyalties, as well.

“Grew up in Miami but dad is from New Orleans. All his family is there, fell in love with the Saints ever since. Not a Dolphins fan, that’s a burden,” said Luis Contreras, Saints fan.

One couple was wearing Cowboys blue but they were trying to hide their actual fandom.

“I wanted to fly under the radar because I’m a Saints fan. He’s telling me this is not Philadelphia, so we’re safe,” Duane Herbert.

During Rally Day, fans of both teams were respectful to one another and made their predictions.

"It's going to take for the offense to be clicking on all cylinders,” said Cowboys fan Maurice Jordan. “Defense has to stay consistent and stay healthy."

"Anything can happen,” Poole said. “The Cowboys are a quality team, and they're playing for a lot. Because if they win, then their playoff percentage is like 67 percent to make it to the playoffs. But we want that Super Bowl. We need it."

The rivalry is also evident outside the stadium. Mundo De La Cerda has the truck that lets it be known he's a Cowboys fan, and he means business.

"I know that the Saints are going to bring their A game,” he admitted. “But I know that the Dallas Cowboys got something underneath their sleeve and we're going to take it home tomorrow.”