Cowboys review successful plays to prepare for the Rams

Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett is hoping positive reinforcement will help end the team’s three-game losing streak.

Garrett took a few minutes this week to show players some successful plays from the past two seasons, including Dak Prescott’s head-over-heels touchdown run in a playoff win against Seattle.

Garrett made a similar move when the Cowboys were struggling earlier this season.

Tight end Jason Witten believes it may help them beat the Rams on Sunday.

"You know, there has to be a standard in which always shows up. You know and I don't think that's shown up consistently enough for us. You know you're going to win some. You know, you're going to have a couple losses.  Good teams are going to still lose. But the way in which you play, you know, I think that's been the tough part for us because that hasn't shown up at the high enough level as we expect,” he said.

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