Commemorative Odor drink promises to pack a punch

Photo courtesy Frisco RoughRiders

There’s yet another way to commemorate Rougned Odor’s punch.

The Frisco RoughRiders, the Rangers’ Double-A affiliate, created a drink called “Rougie’s Red PUNCH” that will hit concession stands starting Friday. The alcoholic energy drink is named in recognition of Odor, a former RoughRider, and his slug of Jose Bautista Sunday afternoon.

The drink contains fruit punch (in honor of his punch), an energy drink and a secret alcoholic ingredient from Odor’s home country of Venezuela.

"Odor is a feisty, energetic player, and we have come up the perfect drink to honor him," said Jason Dambach, RoughRiders Executive Vice President and General Manager. "Rougie's Red PUNCH will punch you in the mouth with great flavor and an intense energy burst." 

Rougie’s Red PUNCH will be served out of a punch bowl and sold in custom 12 oz. souvenir cups, a tribute to Odor’s jersey number 12. The drink costs $5.15, honoring the date of Odor’s punch into baseball brawl lore.