Art Briles makes his return to coaching in Texas

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It's the start of high school football season in Texas, and for former Baylor head football coach, Art Briles, it's also a new beginning.

Briles was fired three years ago amid a sexual assault scandal, in which he was accused of covering up the crimes of some of his players.

He denies those accusations.

This year, Mount Vernon ISD hired Briles to be the head coach of their high school football team.

On Friday, Briles and his team went to Bonham for their first game of the season, and first under Briles' leadership.

Mount Vernon fans made the nearly two hour drive to support their team.

In his return to coaching football in Texas, all eyes were on Briles, though some at the game Friday said they had no issue with him getting a second chance at coaching.

[REPORTER: "Coach, first game, how do you feel?"] "A lot of emotions. Just very grateful. Very hopeful and proud of the way our players got to this point. So a lot of deep emotions running through me right now," Briles responded.

When Briles was named the new head coach at Mount Vernon, it was met with mixed feelings.

Briles was fired from Baylor in 2015 after allegations of a cover-up involving allegations of sexual assault involving at least 17 players under Briles' watch. 

"It's a blessing to have him," said Ricky Bates, who is the grandfather of one of the players. "Our kids love him. They think the world of the entire coaching staff."

Some Mount Vernon parents said they believe Briles deserves a second chance.

"They don't think about nothing that happened and I don't either. You are a good coach. It doesn't take away from your skill. Whatever happens, happens. We all go through things in life. That has nothing to do with these boys and Mount Vernon Tigers," said Jaime Stephens, who is a mother of one of the players.

In the crowd of purple, there was also some in Baylor green.

"Nothing had ever been proven, nothing has been finalized, so it's nice to see him get another shot," said Tommy Kitchens, who is from Sherman.

Briles and his team got off to a winning start, by beating Bonham 44-16.