YouTube removes 'Deportation Bus' campaign ad as 'hate speech'

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A controversial ad for a Georgia gubernatorial candidate has been removed from Youtube.

Candidate Michael Williams made national news with his "Deportation Bus" tour ad, which was posted to the site on Tuesday.

Now the ad has been taken off the platform after YouTube said the ad violated the site's policy on hate speech.

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The ad said that Williams' bus will send undocumented immigrants home.

The bus has been visiting sanctuary cities across the state.

"We are willing to go out there and hit the issue head-on, and illegal immigration is one of the biggest issues in our country and we need to start talking about it," Williams said earlier this week.

Williams insists he isn't targeting immigrants here legally.

"What we are talking about is identifying those people that are in our country illegally and breaking yet another law. If they have complete disrespect for our country and our laws we need to put them on that bus and send them home," he said.

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But the tactic hasn't generated much support.

Williams is at just 5 percent in a new FOX 5 Opinion Savvy poll for the governor's race.