WWII veterans celebrate 70th wedding anniversary

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A California couple is celebrating a major milestone together -- 70 years of wedded bliss! 

Cal and Betty Crawford are both World War II veterans and now veterans of seven decades of marriage.

Friends and family threw the Crawfords a big party inside Sun Oak Assisted Living, located in Citrus Heights. 

Mr. Crawford, 94, enjoyed all the company, but his 91-year-old bride stayed in her room. She wasn't quite up for the occasion. 

"They take their Catholic vows very seriously which I think is a beautiful thing...and he says 'if you don't go looking for other stuff you won't find it, you know?'" Reibel said. 

Mr. Crawford said the secret to their marriage is simple.

"When she goofs, I ignore it. When I goof, she ignores it. That way there's no arguments."