Wounded Arlington officer anxious to return to work

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Officer Eddie Johnston is recovering from being shot while on duty, assisting Saginaw Police serve a felony murder warrrant.

An Arlington police officer is recovering from being shot in the line of duty nearly a month ago.

Officer Eddie Johnston said he and his family have received tremendous support from fellow officers, businesses and others in the community. He said he has a passion for serving and for law enforcement and can't wait to get back to the department.

On April 25, Officer Johnston was shot while assisting Saginaw Police serve a felony murder warrant. Johnston says he fired his weapon before he went down, feeling a bullet hit him in the left hip area.

"When they told me there was minimal bleeding, I thought, ‘I hope it's not internal,’” Johnston said. “That part of my mind started working. I had full mobility. I didn't feel any pressure from not being able to stand up. I was truly blessed that night."

Police said 23-year-old murder suspect Joel McCommon fired as officers knocked on his apartment door.

McCommon was also wounded when Officer Johnston returned fire. The suspect was released from the hospital and went to jail before he bonded out this week.

Officer Johnston said one of his main concerns after being shot was that his wife would get word that he was going to be alright.

"It was terrifying. Every police wife's worst nightmare," said Kristi Johnston. "He was able to use his skills and his training. He was able to return fire and his number one goal every night is to come home to his family and he was able to do that."

Officer Johnston has been with the Arlington police department since Sept. 2014. Before that, he was an Army medic for 11 years.

"I never had one thought in my ear about not doing it," said Johnston. " I want to go back to doing this. I love it and I would do it again in a heartbeat."

Police tracked McCommon down to an Arlington apartment, where he was arrested for the shooting death of 17-year-old Jordan Miles in Saginaw. Police say that shooting happened after an argument between the teenager and McCommon.

Johnston hopes to return to the department around the first week of June.