Women calling Lake Worth PD to see if they're victims of serial peeper

Lake Worth police say women have started calling in an effort to determine if they're victims of a suspected serial peeper.

After the recent arrest of Alexander Martinez, detectives found he had hundreds of videos and pictures of women and girls in dressing rooms from all across North Texas going back seven years.

Arrest and search warrant affidavits describe how Martinez was first arrested in March after a woman in a target complained to the store that someone had placed a cell phone under a partition in a dressing room. Police were called when the man returned to the store and he was arrested.

Detectives say other women who remember seeing Martinez are now calling police.

"They remember the guy. That's what we were trying to get through -- if you remember this guy, remember him being near you, by you at stores, if you thought there was something weird, give us a call,” said Lake Worth PD Det. Richard Martinez. “That's what they've done so far and the calls keep coming.”

Police said they have photos of Martinez, in which he captured his own image as he was putting a cell phone on the floor and pushed it near women's feet.

Police also arrested Martinez's 29-year-old girlfriend, who sent him a text after his arrest offering to delete the photos.