Woman survives hit-and-run that killed husband at DART bus stop

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DART police are investigating a fatal hit-and-run that killed a man over the weekend.

Investigators say a truck went off the road and struck a couple standing at a Northwest Dallas bus stop Saturday night. The woman survived, but her husband was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Stacy King believes the driver who hit them was cut off by another driver. She believes it was an accident but is wondering why they didn't stop.

An album captures the life Michael Parritt and Stacy King shared with one another. Married for 23 years, King says her life changed forever as the two stood at the bus stop near the corner of Dennis Road and Sundial Drive Saturday night.

“I look up,” she recalled. “Next thing I know, I've got a headlight in my face.”

King says a pickup truck was headed on Dennis Road toward Royal Lane when another driver cut it off. The truck went off the road, hitting the couple.

“When I was able to get up on my feet, I got to my husband and he was not breathing,” she recalled. “They worked on him all the way until we got to the hospital.”

Paramedics rushed the two to Parkland. King was banged up with a hairline fracture on her leg, but she says Parritt didn't survive.

“He was a good man. Very good man,” she said. “Always provided for his family.”

DART police are investigating the incident, but they note the driver disappeared before officers from DART and Dallas PD arrived.

King is left with only a handful of her husband's belongings. She now whoever was responsible for his death will come forward.

“You took my life partner. You took my only source of income,” she said. “I mean it was an accident. All you had to do was stop. There was no reason for you to have taken off.”

King said a detective contacted her saying a possible truck was located in Addison. A DART spokesperson didn't share much on the investigation but did confirm detectives are looking into it.