Woman arrested for trespassing at CIA headquarters asked to meet with ‘Agent Penis,' officials say

The logo of the CIA is seen at the CIA headquarters on January 21, 2017 in Langley, Virginia. (Photo by Olivier Doulier - Pool/Getty Images)

A North Carolina woman has been arrested after she repeatedly went to the CIA’s headquarters in Northern Virginia and asked to meet with “Agent Penis,” according to court documents.

Jennifer Hernandez was arrested after she went to the CIA’s headquarters in Langley multiple times between April 22 and May 3, court documents stated.

According to investigators, Hernandez was found at the main entrance of the CIA’s headquarters on April 22 at about 8:15 p.m. Authorities said Hernandez stated she had applied for employment and was there to meet with her recruiter.

Officials said that information was false and warned her to leave because she was trespassing.

Then on May 1 at about 9:30 pm, Hernandez went back to the headquarters via Lyft and told officers she was trying to meet with her recruiter, according to court records. Officials said she was issued a trespassing warning and told not to return.

Hernandez arrived at the CIA’s headquarters again the following day at about 3:10 p.m. via Uber and reportedly told officers that "she wanted to speak to her recruiter." Hernandez was cited and told to leave. She left via a Metro Bus, but officers said they "unintentionally" kept her North Carolina ID card following the incident.

Authorities stated that Hernandez came back to the headquarters again on May 3 at about 4:25 p.m. and provided her Iowa ID card and requested to recover her North Carolina ID card. She also told officers she needed to "speak to Agent Penis," according to court records.

Hernandez was escorted to a bus stop, but after stating to officers "I am not leaving," she was arrested and charged with federal trespassing charge, officials said.

Court records indicate that Hernandez was placed on bond and was scheduled to be in court on May 23.