Woman accused of stalking Paradise Valley man, wanting to 'bathe in his blood'

WARNING: This story contains graphic content. Discretion Advised.

Authorities say a woman was stalking a Paradise Valley man multiple times, including taking a bath in his home.

31-year-old Jacqueline Ades was arrested on charges of threatening, stalking and harassment. According to Paradise Valley police, Ades has harassed the victim several times.

The victim reported her twice last year when she was parked outside his home and repeatedly texting him.

Last month, the victim spotted her while remotely checking home surveillance video. Officers went to the home and found her taking a bath. During this time, officers found a large butcher knife on the passenger seat of Ades' vehicle. The victim says she sent him threatening texts after that incident.

According to police, the victim stated he originally met the suspect through an online dating website and went on one date with her. The victim stated that after that date, he received approximately 65,000 messages from the suspect and she will send 500 a day. He also stated that many of the messages were threatening, including multiple death threats.

Detectives were sent screenshots of the text messages, including "Oh what would I do w ur blood! I'd want to bathe in it," "U do whatever u have to do to get here.. but don't ever try to leave me.. I'll kill you.. I don't want to be a murderer," "I'm like Hitler.. man was a genius."

Last week, Ades showed up at the victim's business and claimed to be his wife. She was later arrested on May 8 at her Phoenix residence.

During questioning, Ades stated that she sent the threatening text messages to the victim because she was scared that he called the police on her, she loved him and she threatened him because she didn't want him to leave.

It was not known if Ades had an attorney who could speak on her behalf.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.