Wisconsin state court judge rules against Trump campaign lawsuit

The Wisconsin Supreme Court agreed to hear a Trump campaign election appeal.

It came hours after a Wisconsin Circuit Court judge delivered the campaign another loss in the state on Friday, Dec. 11. Reserve Judge Stephen Simanek ruled that clerks followed election law -- and he confirmed that President-elect Joe Biden won Wisconsin.

Days before the Electoral College meets, the Trump campaign had asked the Wisconsin judge to toss 220,000 absentee votes in Dane and Milwaukee counties, arguing the clerks of those counties failed to properly follow election law.

(LEFT) President Donald Trump looks on during a ceremony presenting the Presidential Medal of Freedom to wrestler Dan Gable in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington, D.C. on Dec. 7, 2020. (RIGHT) President-elect Joe Biden speaks on Novembe

"Other counties and clerks understood these rules, and they followed them, and they didn't in Dane and Milwaukee counties," said Trump campaign attorney Jim Troupis.

Troupis argued Wisconsin law was broken in four ways -- including the claim that those voting in-person absentee needed to, but failed, to first fill out a separate application, distinct from the ballot envelope certificate.

The Biden lawyer fought back.

"One of the great ironies here, your honor, is that this form was used in 2016, and it was used to help President Trump himself get elected," said Biden campaign lawyer John Devaney.

The Trump campaign also raised issue with clerks fixing witness addresses on absentee ballot envelopes -- a process the Wisconsin Elections Commission told clerks to follow since 2016.

"I believe it's not prohibited by law. And that is therefore a reasonable interpretation. To make sure, as the court indicated earlier, that the will of the electors, the voters are brought to fruition," Simanek said of that process known as "curing."

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At the same time as Friday's court hearing, the legislature hosted a hearing on the election. They heard from conservative witnesses. 

The Wisconsin Supreme Court agreeing to hear the Trump campaign appeal comes just days before the Electoral College votes in state capitals across the country.

Gov. Tony Evers announced on Friday the Electoral College electors for Wisconsin will meet at noon Monday at the state Capitol. The session will be closed to the public, during this pandemic, but will be streamed online.