Suspect assaulted disabled teen inside sporting goods store bathroom, White Settlement police say

White Settlement Police say they have arrested a suspect in connection to the assault of a disabled teen inside a store bathroom.

On Thursday, police arrested Toby Coan in Northwest Fort Worth. He is charged with assault against a disabled individual.

Toby Coan (Source: White Settlement Police)

The incident happened at an Academy Sporting Goods store on Cherry Lane in late December.

Police say Coan entered the female restroom and confronted an autistic 17-year-old girl who was inside the bathroom stall.

According to an arrest warrant, the victim told police a man tried to give her a pill when she opened the door. She claimed she fought the man off.

Police said they found the girl not awake, with foam coming out of her mouth.


White Settlement police identify man after teen girl found unconscious in bathroom of sporting goods store

White Settlement police are looking for a person of interest after a 17-year-old girl was found unconscious in the restroom of a sporting goods store.

Surveillance video from the store shows a man running from the restroom.

Coan told police he accidentally went into the wrong restroom and ran out when the girl began screaming, according to the arrest warrant.

White Settlement Police said it took several months to process evidence, do forensic testing and to work with the Tarrant County Alliance for Children before issuing the arrest warrant.

"While the investigation took several months to determine what happened, this case demonstrates our resolve in seeking justice for the victim," said White Settlement Police Chief Christopher Cook in a statement.

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Toby Coan's arrest (Source: White Settlement Police)

Coan is currently in the Tarrant County Jail.