Wells Fargo donates $155,000 to fund affordable housing in Dallas' Jubilee Park

One neighborhood in Southeast Dallas is getting more affordable housing options thanks to a hefty donation.

Wells Fargo presented the Jubilee Park and Community Center with a $155,000 grant on Tuesday. That money is going to be used to help build four new homes for low-income families there.

Jubilee Park officials say the program is about more than just finding homes for people in need. It is also about keeping a roof over their heads through education.

"You would be surprised how much people are paying for in rent in this neighborhood,” Jubilee Park and Community Center CEO Ben Leal said. “What we're trying to do is educate these individuals to become the homeowners in their neighborhood because that’s empowerment. That’s true empowerment for a neighborhood.”

 Leal says his organization is able to get a $165,000 house down to about $75,000 through government grants and donations like the one made Tuesday by Wells Fargo.