WATCH: Man strikes out each time he’s supposed to hit baseball revealing baby’s gender

A viral video captured a man striking out during a baseball gender reveal, when he missed the baseball that was supposed to reveal his baby’s gender several times.

Jesse Duran, the man’s cousin-in-law, caught the funny, yet heartwarming gender reveal on tape and tweeted it on Saturday.

“Best/worst gender reveal of all time #Padres #SanDiegoPadres #genderreveal #fail,“ he wrote in the tweet.

Robert Moore, the man in the video, finally gave up and threw the baseball up in the air and swung at it, after which the ball fell to the ground. Blue powder and confetti revealed the baby to be a boy.

“It was supposed to be just a normal gender reveal until they said they're doing a baseball gender reveal but none of them played baseball or softball haha,” Duran said. “The family's reaction was great because everyone was giving him a hard time because it was so funny.”

This story was reported from Los Angeles.