Watch: Dolphin chases down its meal

A drone hovering over Tampa Bay captured an intense game of cat and mouse -- between a dolphin and fish.

The drone, operated by See Through Canoe's Michael McCarthy, followed as a dolphin chased down a Jack Cravelle.

The dolphin swims sideways and upright, dodging the occasional ray stirred up by the dolphin's wake.

The fish managed to escape the dolphin's jaws several times, doubling back and changing directions with hairpin turns.

McCarthy said the water was very shallow, pointing out the dolphin breaches a few times to gain speed.

Once the dolphin catches the fish, he makes quick work of his meal.

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McCarthy said the dolphin uses friction with the sand to break down its meal.

"This is because their mouths don't have enough jaw pressure to bite the fish in half, so when a dolphin catches a large fish they have to figure out how to tear it up," McCarthy said.