Waffle House crew helps get co-worker to high school graduation

A high school graduate made it to the ceremony thanks to his manager and co-workers at a Waffle House in Alabama. 

Timothy Harrison had started working at the restaurant in Center Point weeks before his high school graduation. When he asked his boss, Cedric Hampton, for the night off to attend the ceremony, Hampton said of course. 

"He looks at me and says 'I didn't want to miss work' and I say 'well you're going,' Hampton recalled in a Facebook post. 

On the day of his graduation, Timothy showed up to work in uniform instead of a cap and gown. 

"I ask 'why are you here? You are supposed to be graduating today," Hampton said. 

That's when Timothy explained that he didn't have any way to get to the ceremony across town and that he couldn't get tickets for his family since he didn't attend all of the senior activities after classes ended. 

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Hampton wasn't about to let Timothy miss this important milestone. At that moment, Timothy's co-workers, and even some customers, sprang into action!

Hampton told Timothy to get his paperwork and call the school to get his cap and gown. To make sure Timothy looked his best on his big day, Hampton and some co-workers drove to the store and picked up a shirt, tie and pants. 

With the help of the staff, Timothy got dressed up right there in the restaurant and then driven over to the school in time for his graduation walk!

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The kind gesture quickly went viral. 

"He's a fine young man," Hampton told the Washington Examiner. "He's a hard worker, very polite. It's the least we could do for him."

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