Volunteers and congresswoman help those impacted by Friday’s deadly explosion

A spokesperson from the American Red Cross now estimates that more than 400 buildings were damaged by Friday’s deadly explosion. The spokesperson also believes that roughly two dozen homes are now uninhabitable.

On Sunday evening, volunteers walked through a nearby neighborhood impacted by the blast.

“We don’t really want to leave because we have animals,” said Zareth Everett, a homeowner. 

“We don’t know where we would be accepted with the animals,” Everett says.

Authorities continue to investigate what caused Watson Grinding to blow up.  Two people were killed in the blast while many buildings continue to crumble.

“The house continues to expand,” said Everett. “Nails continue to drop.  I’m like wow.”

Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee walked alongside Red Cross volunteers Sunday to deliver free meals to those with damaged homes.

“The explosion happened in my congressional district,” said Jackson Lee. “These are families in need.  I’m trying to bring every federal resource to the local community, and the Red Cross is here doing a great job.”

A neighborhood cleaning up from the recent explosion and thankful for a free meal.

“I was thinking where am I going to eat,” said Everett.  “This is going to help for tonight.”

The American Red Cross has a recovery center established in the area.  The center is located at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and will be open through Friday evening.