Video shows suspects vandalizing Plano West Senior High

Police are looking for three young women seen on video spraying vulgar and racist graffiti on the walls of Plano West Senior High School.

Plano police have become convinced now that the three vandals are adults, at least 17 years old, and not juveniles as originally thought.

The vandalism happened last month. Photos from SKY 4 and FOX 4 viewers showed messages on the walls and doors of the school. One referenced Plano East High School. Others included f-bombs, the n-word and vulgar drawings.

Surveillance video shows pretty clear images of all three and a grainier one of the car they drove.

Officer David Tilley finds it remarkable how bold the young women appear in their lengthy spree of spray painting racial slurs and vulgarities throughout the campus.

"They're pretty reckless and probably did not even consider the fact that there were security cameras that were going to be catching them,” he said.

Police say the video was seen by officers who work at the school, teachers and staff but generally not to students.

Police say the charge will be criminal mischief. And because of the amount of dollar damage done, it will likely be a felony. It is also being investigated as a possible hate crime.

"When you are dealing with racial slurs, that is something that automatically comes up and is something we do look into to see if it does meet the criteria,” said Officer David Tilley. “Because of the dollar damage, it’s a serious offense either way. Clearly, they have crossed the line, causing this damage and potentially could be facing a state jail felony charge.”

So far the detective hasn’t had any luck identifying the three adult females seen in the surveillance video. Police are just now releasing it to the public in hopes that someone can help identify them.

Crime Stoppers is also offering a reward of up to $5,000 for information that leads to an arrest and indictment in the case. Tipsters should call 877-373-8477.