Video shows stranger follow Dallas jogger home

A man recently followed a Dallas jogger, parked and grabbed himself while walking up to the jogger’s house.

The creepy encounter was caught on the jogger’s home surveillance cameras.

It happened on Wednesday morning in west Oak Cliff.

“I was jogging onto Duncanville, pretty much running north,” said Fatima Dominguez.

Her heart raced when she realized she was being followed.

“I kept running and I kept running fast,” she said. “He was trying to roll down his window to get my attention.”

Dominguez made it inside her home when surveillance cameras there showed a silver van slowly creep by, eventually parking two houses down.

“As he walks towards my house, what’s even more creepy is he grabs himself,” said Dominguez.

She says the same man then walks up and rings the doorbell.

“When I open it, I give him a really ugly look, and he says, ‘Is there a Robert here?’” said Dominguez. “I said, ‘There is no damn Robert here’ as I shut the door.”

He eventually leaves.

“That would have been a very opportune time to force his way into the home,” said safety expert Jeff McKissack. “Fortunately, he just left.”

He says in situations like this, people make mistakes because they act on emotion.

“We write off what our instincts are automatically telling us, and your instincts will do the advanced math that your brain has yet to catch up to,” said McKissack.

McKissack says Dominguez listened to her instincts by speeding up her pace to get the house, but opened the door to a person she was already suspicious of.

“I wasn't thinking,” said Dominguez.   

She was expecting a worker from a glass company.

“I’m upset at myself because something could have happened to me,” she said. “But whatever his intentions were, I want to make sure those intentions aren't carried onto someone else.”

“If in doubt and you're weighing your options, intellect or instinct, always go with the instinct that's put there to keep you safe,” said McKissack.

Despite some embarrassment, Dominguez wants her story told -- that something as simple as a jog could easily end on the wrong foot.

“We've got to be more alert,” she said. “We've got to watch our surroundings.”

Dallas police are investigating the incident but have no information on the man yet.

Dominguez says they already have four cameras installed around the house, but they plan to put more up because of what happened.