Veteran COVID-19 patient released from the hospital after Blue Angels flyover

A Vietnam Veteran had quite the hospital sendoff Wednesday as the Blue Angels were in the air over North Texas.

James Turner has spent nearly seven weeks battling the coronavirus at Methodist Richardson Medical Center. He was on a ventilator for five of those weeks.

Kathy Turner, James’ wife of 41 years, said there were plenty of times when it looked like he might not ever return home.

So on Wednesday, the 70-year-old Amy vet celebrated triumph.

Nurses, doctors and other hospital personnel lined the lobby to give him a heartfelt sendoff.

His wife and five children were able to see him for the first time since he entered the hospital for treatment on March 22.

Kathy described feeling a profound sense of relief and gratitude.

“Oh my God, I am just in awe of this day. I am in awe! I’m just so happy and just so thrilled at all the caretakers and everyone who had hands on and many prayers. We have had global prayers to be sent out on his behalf, for the staff and for all the other people as well,” she said.

But James’ battle against COVID-19 is not completely over.

From the hospital, he was taken to a rehabilitation center where he can gradually regain his strength.