Trackdown: Help find the Walmart hit-and-run driver

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In this week’s Trackdown, Dallas police are looking for the driver in a vehicle that intentionally struck a police officer in a Walmart parking lot.

A Charlton Methodist police officer was working an off-duty job at the Walmart on 3155 West Wheatland Road on December 4 when he was hit by a car that kept going.

Surveillance video shows people in a black Maxima being chased through the Walmart parking lot by the driver of what police believe is a white four-door Toyota Camry. They believe the culprit was the Toyota Camry driver.

“It appeared to possibly be road rage. That’s what it appeared,” said Special Investigations Unit Det. Anthony Whitaker.

A dark-colored Maxima was being chased by the white Toyota Camry. They performed donuts around a bread truck. Employees and customers told the police officer at the store about the crazy cars.

“The officer made contact with the complainant at first and d he attempted to make contact with the suspect,” Whitaker said.

Someone got out of the passenger seat of the dark-colored Maxima. The white Toyota then sped through the parking lot headed for the maxima and just missed the person who hopped off that car.

The video shows the Charlton Methodist officer try to talk to the man in the white car.

“The suspect then fled temporarily and then returned and intentionally struck the officer with his vehicle,” Whitaker said. “He was able to get his weapon and fire one shot into that vehicle.”

With the officer down, the driver in the white car crushes the gas and leaves the scene.

“That vehicle should have damage either to the exterior body of the front of it or the windshield,” Whitaker said. “He sees him coming at him. He said that he had a clean-cut haircut and late twenties to early thirties years of age.”

Whitaker hopes someone from the public will come forward.

Crime Stoppers is offering a reward for information. You can contact Crime Stoppers or Det. Whitaker at (214) 671-3704.