Trackdown: Help find Lemondo Simmons' killer

In this week’s Trackdown, Dallas police hope the public can help find the man who robbed and killed a father of four.

Lemondo Simmons had his life and $300 taken from him, leaving four boys – the youngest of which was 6 years old - without their dad.

This case underscores the damage caused when someone makes a decision to shoot and kill another person.

The surveillance video is not the greatest, but this murder happened in south Dallas.

A familiar scene in Dallas' murderous May, which had a record 40 homicides

Father of four, 46-year-old Lemondo Simmons was the 40th that month.

According to police, Simmons was killed at about 3:25 a.m. on May 31, after he went to get some money out at a check cashing location that his girlfriend had sent him to pay a bill for a rental car.

 “Went inside, conducted his business. He walks back out, and moments before getting inside his vehicle, he's confronted by the suspect,” Dallas PD Detective Frank Serra said. “A life isn't worth $300, but apparently, the person who committed the offense thought it was.

Cliff's Check Cashing and adjacent businesses all have cameras, but none were working at the time of the murder.

Police were able to find video from across the street, where there’s a camera on a telephone poll.

The video is far away and dark, but you can make out Simmons as he leaves Cliff's Check Cashing.

The suspect then confront Simmons near his car.

A homeless man sleeping in the bushes pops up when he hears what’s going down.

“He's shot multiple times, right at the door of his vehicle, and then he's trying to run away and he ends up running away and collapsing, and he's shot again,” Det. Serra said.

The suspect flees by running eastbound down Martin Luther King, but police don’t know where he goes from there.

Simmons’ killer had stockings or panty hose over his face at the time of the shooting, but has one or more gold teeth, and had on a green hoodie.

Police got this description because the same man approached another person before killing Simmons.

“About 10-20 minutes prior to, in this parking spot here, an individual had backed his car in to go conduct some business as well. When he came out, he was approached by the same suspect,” Det. Serra added. “And end up putting a gun in his ribs and demanding money.”

Det. Serra is asking for help from North Texans to identify this murder suspect.

“I need someone to come forward. Someone knows something, someone saw something,” he said.

Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers Det. Serra (214) 671-4320.

Help catch a killer caught on tape, but still at-large.