World's tiniest Buc-ee's makes its way to West Texas

A Buc-ee's has made its way to West Texas

Going viral on social media, the infamous Buc-ee's is planted near Marathon, Texas.

The new piece is reportedly just 30 miles away from where the Target building stood. The Target building was demolished in 2020, according to Texas Monthly.

Matt Tumlinson posted a picture of the mini Buc-ee’s on Instagram on April 2. That same day, Facebook user Jose Lujan posted two photos of the art installation. 

"Yes, it’s true we do have beavers in #bigbend #bucees," Lujan wrote in a caption on his Facebook post.

Several people on Instagram have commented on the new piece and plan to check it out soon.

"Be careful, they sue everyone," one user quipped on Matt Tumlinson's Instagram post. The company reportedly sued a Texas gas station for using the name "Buky’s" and a logo that was suspiciously similar to that of the better-known brand in 2021.

Another question remains…with the size of the piece, does this Buc-ee's still have the world's best bathroom?

State Representative Brooks Landgraf shared pictures of the Buc-ee's earlier this week.


State Representative Brooks Landgraf visited the Buc-ee's earlier this week (State Representative Brooks Landgraf)

So far, no one has figured out where the tiny Buc-ee’s came from. A representative of Buc-ee’s told Austin CultureMap that the company also has no idea.

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