Three accused in slaying of Dallas man

A 54-year-old man who was slain outside his Dallas home two weeks ago was targeted because he was vulnerable and the killers just happened to see him, according to what one of the suspects arrested told Dallas police.

The victim, Frank Massington, Jr., was just pulling into the driveway of his own home when police say three robbers zeroed in on him.

Arrest warrant affidavits filed in court say three suspects, 20-year-old Jason Womack, 17-year-old Dequarius Bailey and 20-year-old Sonia Quiles each played a role in the carjacking and murder on Mundy Drive in Dallas.

In court documents, police write that the youngest suspect, Bailey, told detectives he joined the two other suspects the night of the murder because Womack needed money.

Bailey says they were driving around in Quiles’ car when Womack spotted the victim in his driveway and tried to rob him.

Massington fought back, was shot twice and killed.

The victim's 75-year-old mother, Carrie Ward, says she wants the suspects to know her and her family and understand who they've lost.

“I just want to see them, look at them in the eye,” said Ward. “I would love to see the two guys and the young lady. I really would.”

“Let them know who you are?” FOX 4 asked her.

“Right, and what they did to my son and to the whole Ward, Thomas and Massington family,” said Ward.

Police made their first arrest not long after Massington's death.

Officers spotted Bailey July 1 in another stolen vehicle and pulled him over.

Court records show Bailey told police that Womack and Quiles were also involved.