Texas U.S. Senate candidates make big final pushes before election day

With just 2 days before election day, Senator Ted Cruz and Congressman Beto O’Rourke are making a final, frantic push to voters.

Polls show Cruz with an edge over O'Rourke, and it has supporters on both sides feeling anxious to see what happens Tuesday.

Cruz rallied a room in Fairview in Collin County Sunday night, a Republican stronghold county that has the highest early voter turnout percentage in the state. Nearly half of the county's registered voters cast ballots early.

With two days before the election, both candidates worked hard to get their voters to the polls.

"Maybe they didn't come to this rally, but we know the extreme left is going to show up and if we want to preserve jobs, freedom and security, we gotta make sure common sense Texans show up," said Cruz.

O'Rourke spent his Sunday in Austin and San Antonio, asking his supporters at a park in Austin to give him "every waking moment of [their] life" until election night, making calls and knocking on doors. He did that himself in Dallas and Tarrant counties Saturday, speaking Sunday about the importance of civility during an extremely contentious race.

"We were block walking yesterday in Dallas, knocked on the door of a Ted Cruz supporter, could not have been more kind to me and to Amy. I think that sets the example of the civility, the decency with which we need to treat one another in the world's greatest democracy," he said. "Let's remember that before we are Republicans or Democrats, we're Americans, we're Texans."

Cruz is continuing to spend time in traditionally Conservative parts of Texas, while O'Rourke is hitting Democratic areas, both trying to get out the vote.

Beto will be in Houston, Dallas and El Paso on Monday. Cruz will be in Houston both Monday and Tuesday.