Texas House passes resolution for statewide vote between standard time, daylight saving year-round

The Texas House passed a resolution Tuesday that would allow Texans to choose between keeping standard time or observing daylight saving time year-round.

House Joint Resolution 117 will now head to the Senate after passing by a vote of 133-9.

The resolution would allow Texans to vote on either: Exempting the state from daylight saving time, or observing daylight saving time year-round.

If voters approved daylight saving time year-round, Congress would have to amend federal law because federal law presently only allows states to shift to standard time permanently.

If this passes through the Senate, the vote would be set for this November.

The bill was filed by Rep. Lyle Larson, who said his priority is ending the annual clock-shifting.

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Numerous bills have been filed to end daylight saving time over the years, but none have passed through the Texas Legislature.

The closest a bill on daylight saving time came to getting passed was in 2015, when House Bill 150 cleared a committee and reached the House floor.